We are an international English-speaking Montessori Kindergarten and crèche for 1 to 6 year-olds in Vienna, Austria.


THE CHILDREN'S HOUSE is located at Arbeiterstrand-badstrasse 130, directly opposite the U1 station Alte Donau. Right by the Donaupark we are now in our own, brand new school building with a big garden, just down the road from the United Nations - Vienna International Centre.


Please, have a look at the information on our website and should you be interested in our pre-school send us an e-mail , a fax or simply phone us. There is also an online pre-registration form available.


We also run a mainly German-speaking kindergarten and creche at the Montessori Kinderhaus in Vienna's third district. For more information about it, please visit our German-language website http://www.montessori-wien.at/ .

contact information:

The Children's House
 children @ montessori-vienna.at 
Arbeiterstrandbadstrasse 13
(entrance on Kratochwjlestrasse)
1220 Wien
Austria - EU
Tel. +43.1.2631056
Fax. +43.1.2631056-99

Following Montessori principles the children learn (c) The Children's House
The Children's House is now more than 20 years old. Katharine started it with 13 children in Kugelfanggasse in 1992. We have now also celebrated our first year here at our new location in Arbeiterstrandbadstrasse 130 ! More information and photos on our Facebook page...
Lilian Bryan, a very experienced teacher trainer of the AMI (Association Montessori Internationale), came to The Children's House in February and April to hold workshops for our own and other Montessori teachers.
Important registration information: We have already confirmed all the places for the coming school year starting in September 2013. Due to extremely high demand we CANNOT accept any more registrations for our The Children's House for the coming school year (you are welcome to stay on our waiting list but chances of a place are very small).

For your information, official confirmations always include details about the start, and information about all payments which need to be made to confirm your acceptance of a place. Any other email/phone conversations must be treated as estimations. We cannot guarantee a space at The Children's House until we know our availabilities for the following school year.
The Children's House is proud to have received another extension to its Montessori Quality Seal by the Austrian Montessori Society. More information about the MQS... 

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