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 Montessori Centre International 
The London-based MCI incorporates the training colleges of Montessori St. Nicholas Centre (established by Maria Montessori) and London Montessori Centre. It also publishes the quarterly  Montessori International magazine . The Children's House is an officially accredited teaching practice school for MCI courses and was the location of an MCI cultural studies workshop in July 2004 (For more information...  >> ).
Some of our teachers receive(d) their training there.

(Österreichische Montessori Gesellschaft - Austrian Montessori Society)

The Montessori-Akademie offers training courses, while the ÖMG organises events relevant to Montessori education (such as the regular Vienna Montessori Symposion). It is also the main Austrian institution responsible for ensuring the quality of Montessori education in kindergartens (through the Montessori-Quality-Seal) and schools (through the Montessori-Quality-Certificate). The Children's House is a member of the ÖMG and Herbert Wolschner is one of the board members. We are also an accredited teaching practice school for their courses.
Most of our teachers receive(d) their training there.

 Association Montessori Internationale 
Based in Amsterdam the Association Montessori Internationale was founded by Maria Montessori to "maintain the integrity of her work".
Katharine completed her one-year AMI 3-6 training with AMI trainer Lilian Bryan last year when she participated in the first full course to take place in Austria for more than 80 years.

Montessori Europe

 Montessori Europe 
It is an organization established in 2000 to enable and encourage Montessori pedagogy at political, social and educational levels throughout Europe. The Children's House is an official member of ME.

 Williams Daughter 
Betsy Higgins-Pösinger is a trained Montessori teacher and master carpenter who comes to The Children's House twice a week to do wood-work with the children.

 Music & Art House 
Hrvoje Jugovic of the Music & Art House offers extra music/piano lessons in the afternoons for children at The Children's House.

 Marlies Musiziert 
Nora Waldmann working with Marlies Musiziert offers extra music and rhythm lessons in German in the afternoons for children at The Children's House.

 Köck Privatstiftung 
This private foundation supports the promotion of Montessori pedagogy in Austria.

 Montessori-Netz Österreich 
Webring for Austrian Montessori institutions

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