information for parents

These are some of the points we believe parents should pay attention to when choosing a Montessori school for their child:

An attractive, clean and ordered environment.

A child-sized environment where as many objects and activities as possible are within the child's reach.

Children of different ages working alongside each other.

Clearly defined areas within the school where materials are arranged in the following curriculum areas:

  • practical life
  • sensorial
  • language
  • mathematics
  • cultural studies
  • creative activities

Children have continual and free access to ranges of materials.

A love of nature - tables and shelves displaying a range of natural items - maybe live school animals that the children watch over and care for.

Predominantly calm children that are deeply involved in individual activities - but also the same children demonstrating dynamic energy and enthusiasm when involved in social and group activities.

Difficult children being treated firmly but with loving respect by the teachers.

Children watching over and maintaining the order in the environment (putting things away and cleaning without adult involvement).

Children obviously not always waiting to be told what to do.

Children demonstrating a high level of confidence and independence.

Children socialising easily and spontaneously with each other and the adults in the environment.

Children showing respect towards each other.

Teachers that often seem to be standing back and simply observing the children.

Teachers that listen to the children carefully and respect their opinions and ideas.

Teachers that the children feel comfortable talking to at any time.

A general atmosphere of fun and happiness

(Adapted from an article in Montessori International magazine).

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