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What is the MQS?

The new Montessori Quality Seal (MQS) has been developed by the Austrian Montessori Society (ÖMG) and the German Montessori Society (DMG). It aims to assure parents, teachers and authorities of the high quality of Montessori teaching in Montessori schools for 2 to 6 year olds. Both House 1 and House 2 of The Children's House are among the first to be awarded this new certificate.

How is it awarded?

After checking all the relevant paperwork, (eg. the Montessori qualifications of the teachers, including proof of continuing training, and the observation and record sheets) the kindergarten is observed by representatives of the ÖMG/DMG, who carefully check the materials, the prepared environment and the methods used for teaching. If it is found to fulfil the many criteria the certificate is awarded. Every two years this procedure will have to be repeated to make sure the high standard is kept up.
To view some photos of the award ceremony at the Montessori Zentrum Wien on November 13, 2004 please click here... 

More information about the new Montessori Quality Seal is available on the websites of the Austrian and German Montessori Societies (only in German).

Austrian Montessori Society (ÖMG) : 
German Montessori Society (DMG) : 

The new Montessori Quality Seal :: ensuring high standards

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