information for parents
Due to the cost of providing a high-quality, English-speaking Montessori environment fees have to be paid by the parents. Please enquire directly at the kindergarten for the current fees list.

Aufgrund der Kosten einen hochqualitativen, Englisch-sprachigen Montessori-Kindergarten zu führen sind wir nicht beitragsfrei, da wir Leistungen über dem Standard anbieten. Genaue Informationen zu unseren Schulgebühren erhalten Sie gerne bei einem Besuch des The Children's House.

The standard fees are subject to a full subsidy by the City of Vienna (which is only available to residents of Vienna - including diplomats - who have a valid Kundennummer from the MA 10 - see below). Non-residents will have to pay a supplementary tuition fee equal to the reduction in the subsidy.
At least two months' notice in writing must be given when a child leaves during the school year (until April). If a child leaves between May and August fees are payable up to August. For full details of all the conditions and methods of payment please contact The Children's House . We expressly reserve the right to amend the Fees and Conditions. (EUR = euro)
The City of Vienna Child Care Department MA 10 provides parents with the MA10 Kundennummer (customer service number), please visit their website for more information (or call their hotline at 01/277 5555) - download the form here. There is an additional subsidy available for low-income families from the MA 11 (Vienna Child & Youth Department) - check the information here (there is also an information pdf in various languages available to download there). In addition, the AMS (Arbeitsmarktservice) can also provide financial support. (Information on these websites is in German only). You are welcome to contact us for help or further information.

Please remember, Austrian taxpayers can claim a tax deduction on up to € 2.300.- in child care costs per year! (full details to be found here ). UN employees who can claim the education grant (for children above the age of 5) can also receive this when their child is attending The Children's House - we are currently registered with the respective HR departments as a primary level educational institution.

To register your child for The Children's House please fill out the following online form. You are also welcome to contact us directly by phone or email to arrange a visit. Your child can start attending The Children's House at any time during the school year, should a place be available. For your information, we do NOT confirm places for September before January/February of the same year!

Please make sure to fill out as many details as you can, should you not have an MA10 Kundennummer (necessary for all children - see above for more details) or an Austrian social security number (only necessary for parents who pay Austrian income tax) please make sure you send us an updated registration form as soon as you do.

We have now already allocated all the places for the coming school year, starting in September 2014. Any applications we receive for it will be put onto our waiting list. Please be aware that we always receive many more applications than we can offer places for.

For your information, official confirmations always include details about the start, and information about all payments which need to be done to confirm your acceptance of a place - no fees need to be paid prior to this. Any other email/phone/personal conversations must be treated as estimations. We cannot guarantee a space at The Children's House until we know our availabilities for the following school year. This process usually starts in January/February for the following September.

(Registration does not guarantee a place for your child at The Children's House. However, once we have offered a place for your child the registration fee & the deposit has to be paid immediately.)

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