General Information

Cultural Diversity

We welcome families from all around the world and love the multi-cultural, international environment here at The Children’s House that provides us all with many opportunities to learn from and grow with one another.

Our aim is to continue to learn about each other’s cultures and traditions, and celebrate our diversity, to ensure an open-minded, tolerant attitude, that we hope will spread. We do this by:

– providing a multi-cultural, international community both amongst our teachers as well as our children
– celebrating cultural festivals from our children’s native countries
– organizing a yearly winter concert in which our children learn songs in all the languages that are spoken by families at The Children’s House
– incorporating information about different countries, languages and cultures throughout our daily work
– going on outings in Vienna to museums and other places of cultural interest
– performing an annual summer play on various cultural and international topics

Children adapt to the environment they experience and grow up in, which is why offering a diverse, open-minded, respectful and tolerant community is of vital of importance. As we continue to work towards a peaceful world, we see that “children are both a hope and a promise to mankind” (M. Montessori) and will always strive to be their guiding lights while knowing that they will always be there to teach us as well.