Montessori kindergarten

Cherry & Lemon Tree groups:

The Children’s House International Montessori Kindergarten works on the basis of the Montessori method and follows all principles closely. All the materials were developed by Dr. Maria Montessori or extended on the basis of her theories. There are no conventional toys in our kindergarten. We believe that the Montessori approach is the ideal way to introduce children to the world and all its wonders and witness the astounding effect it has on a daily basis. We also know that children strive for independence and need to be able to make decisions for themselves – however, only within limits, and in a Prepared Environment, which caters to their developmental needs.

The children are involved in all processes of the kindergarten day – they help with setting up the room, with preparing snack, as well as washing up their snack dishes; tidying up everything they use; setting the lunch tables, serving themselves and others and clearing up their dishes; getting themselves dressed and undressed; helping with cleaning shelves and windows and floors; feeding our animals, planting and harvesting in our Working Garden and many, many other activities that help them to learn how to take care of themselves, others and their environment.

In addition to these basic daily activities, Montessori materials and activities are presented to and repeated by the children every day, corresponding to their current Sensitive Period (their current learning interest that comes from within them). This work promotes their intellectual, social and physical development. Subsequently, they are able to choose freely from these materials, and learn new concepts very quickly and easily with the guidance of the teachers. The children at our kindergarten therefore learn to read, write, work with numbers and know about the world and its environment very early on. Through our regular Grace and Courtesy lessons as well as our general interactions with each other, the children also learn the importance of kindness and respect, not only for themselves, but also for others and their environment.