About Us

Elizabeth & Georg from Nigeria and Austria

The Children’s House is a safe, fun, stimulating and truly international environment for little ones. The teachers and staff are committed to our son’s wholesome development, and share the same desire to nurture, guide and empower him to discover and be his best self. You can see this same approach with all other kids.

It is remarkable. We also love the deep sense of community that extends to all parents. Our little one started at 12 months and we never had to worry. He simply loves it! 3 years on and we would make the same decision.

Lisa & Marco from the US and Switzerland

We had a wonderful four years at The Children’s House. The promoting of independence, a sense of community and cultural awareness begins at a very early age.

The fact that our son was able to meet other kids from all over the world and learn about the many countries and cultures represented at The Children’s House can be seen in his openness to others and his curiosity about the world.

The teachers are instrumental in creating an environment conducive to learning, exploring and caring for others as well as the children themselves.

The teachers and administrative staff communicate very well with the students and parents in keeping everyone informed with what is happening at the school. The kids learn so much not only through learning in the classroom but also working outside in the garden and caring for the school pets.

We recommend this school to everyone who asks where they should send their child to pre-school. It was a great experience for our family.

Riikka & Georg from Finland and Austria

The Children’s House has a reputation of preparing children extremely well for school and I can only confirm it.

The Children’s House takes children as individuals, encourages them to be independent, to express themselves and to explore the world around them.

It gives plenty of opportunities for creativity, teaches respect for diversity and prepares them to function in our globalized world. As an added plus, my children learned to speak fluent English, in addition to the two other home languages we have. I am truly grateful for the 9 years.

Susanne & Siegfried from Austria

The teachers encourage our children to share and work cooperatively, to explore the nature of the environment and learn to respect one another. Our children enjoy a beautifully prepared classroom and a curriculum design based on their specific needs and abilities. Children work and play in a neat area, daily routines make their lives predictable, which allows them to explore and learn at their own pace and on their own terms.

The Children´s House is definitely the best place for our children!!!

Jean from Uganda

My impressions of the Children’s House International Montessori Kindergarten are best summed up through the observations of one of my sons and his friends, who at 17 years announced that their absolute understanding of and respect for other cultures was born and nurtured during their time at the kindergarten. I applaud and thank the Children’s House for this opportunity to children and parents alike!

Zuzana & Marián from Slovakia and Canada

As they say, it takes a village to raise a child. Being an ex-pat family in Austria, the missing presence of our own family has been so lovingly compensated through your kindergarten.

The Children’s House staff, children, and its community at large give us the feeling of home, away from home.

With the early years shaping childrens life-long manners and views of the world around them, we are the first-eye witnesses of the love, care, and very unique upbringing our children are exposed to through attendance at your kindergarten. The cultural awareness you awake in our children through celebrating the festivities of many cultures is unparalleled.

We applaud you for the amazing and hard work vested into making our children the wonderful little things they are already at this young of age.

Mia from Austria

I loved being at Children’s House. The homely and cheerful environment, plus the amicable and caring pedagogues create a welcoming atmosphere. I made friends from all over the world, enjoyed the celebration of festivals from a variety of different cultures and acquired my first mathematical knowledge with the help of Montessori materials.

To conclude, my experience at Children’s House helped me become an open-minded and independent person.

Alma & Tim from Israel and Austria

The Children’s House is not your standard kindergarten. It is one big (happy) family that provides great education and the necessary skill sets for children and parents to a happy and healthy childhood, with the additional bonus of good support network and friends. Its only a shame they don’t have a school as well or we’d never leave!

Nadine & Cédric from Mauritius and Monaco

We cherish the years our children spent at The Children’s House International Montessori Kindergarten in Vienna.

As soon as we walked through the gate for the first time, we knew that we were in an exceptional place. We were extremely impressed with the immaculate facility and the beautiful garden. In the classrooms, there was an overwhelming feeling of calm, warmth and caring.

The teachers are loving and dedicated. With kind hearts and open arms, they offer a nurturing and motivating educational environment allowing the children to blossom into independent and inquisitive learners.

Katharine, the school director, is remarkable. Passionate about the Montessori pedagogy and philosophy, she is committed to providing the best child-centered care possible. The administration team supplies a professional, approachable, and helpful service at all times.

We were very pleased with the closeness we had with the staff and with other families, the cultural diversity, and the friendly atmosphere.

Our children have felt fulfilled and at home at the Children’s House. When we dropped them off in the morning, we knew, without a doubt, that they were safe, happy and thriving, and this is a wonderful feeling as a parent.

Definitely, the Children’s House made a profound and positive impact in the life of our family. It exceeded our every expectation, and it is heads above anything else we have experienced. We would absolutely recommend it to other parents.

Daniela from Austria

My 3 kids have all been to Children’s House, and we loved it! Katharine and the team respect and encourage each child as an individual but teach the kids the value of being part of a community at the same time.

Helping and learning from each other, being responsible for the pets or the garden, being able, also as a 3 year old, to take responsibility for yourself and the ones around you were such important lessons for the kids to learn. And quite often they came home, and taught us, their parents. Reminded us that they can cut carrots with sharp knives on their own, showed proudly what they learned and how independent they became.

The Children’s House teachers laid a stable foundation for the further education of my kids, and I can warmly recommend it to others.

WoanJin & Ayhan from South Korea and Turkey

Its name says it all: The Children’s House is truly a place for children to blossom under wonderful care and love from devoted Montessori professionals! We are very happy to see how much Lidya, our first daughter, enjoys to go there every morning. Her development in learning independence, concentration, coordination, order and confidence was remarkable. After starting at the crèche group, her development was so incredible that we thought she might be gifted but we soon realised that all children at the Children’s House are so well developed!

The learning environment is up to the top! Specially designed classrooms and Montessori materials provide a natural flow for the children to explore, choose and experiment freely within parameters set by their teachers. This encourages the children to be active seekers of knowledge! The classrooms, with so much natural light, and the gardens offer friendly, open space.

At first, we wondered how the Montessori concept of “multi-age grouping” would work. But we started seeing its benefits soon after Lidya started there. She learns from older children and feels very proud of being a little “teacher” to younger children. And, she had a really easy transition to being a big sister when Karya joined us. She told us, proudly: “I know how to be a big sister because I take care of younger ones at the Children’s House”.

What makes the Children’s House even more special is the TEACHERS! With a very good understanding of diversity, they show such respect and love for every child. They thoughtfully prepare the learning materials and activities and they want to understand each child’s interests, learning style, developmental needs and personality! You can easily see that they are there because they genuinely enjoy being with the children!

It is such a joy for us to hear Lidya talking about her day at the Children’s House. She tells us how she helps serve the lunch, what she does at circle times and how the teachers show her to do various activities, ranging from learning about Antarctica to personal hygiene! We look forward to seeing our second daughter, Karya, also enjoying the same learning experience at this nurturing institution!

Mansi & Hiren from India

The Children’s House is more like a children’s haven! The ideal place for them to learn life skills – be it educational, social, environmental or character-building- in the best way possible.

TCH lets children be children, at the same time moulding them to be responsible, confident, tolerant and intelligent adults.

The biggest strength of this kindergarten is its amazing teachers, led by Katharine. As a parent of two children who are TCH “products”, I can safely say that I gave them a great start in life by opting to send them to TCH!

Bidan & Markus from China and Austria

Words cannot express the thanks we have for the Children´s House and all the staff there. Our son Julian was there for 3 years since 2010. He immediately felt at home in the warm, cheery environment and with the friendly and superb teaching staff.

The Children´s House early education program gave him a great start at school. This Kindergarten goes the extra mile in picking up on the children´s interests and turning them into educational opportunities. He learned so much academically and socially through all the fun activities. He loved his Kindergarten so much that he was sad when he was ill or had to be picked up early.

As parents we also enjoyed the journey through regular participation in many of the kindergarten activities like the winter concert and summer play, which have left us with great memories.

We couldn´t praise the Children´s House enough and highly recommend it to anyone looking for quality, well resourced childcare with top-notch staff, who will love and nurture your child. For us, sending Julian to the Children´s House was one of the best decisions we have ever made as parents. Thank you to everyone who has made our time there so rewarding and enjoyable.

Renate from Austria

Tom and Marnie were always so happy at The Children’s House and it gave them the very best start in life, full of self-belief.

Shani & Stefan from Colombia/Italy and Austria

Both of our kids have attended The Children’s House since they were just over one year old. When I looked at kindergartens, no other kindergarten in Vienna came close to providing the English-speaking, multicultural, respectful and structured environment for the kids to develop, so we decided to commit to travelling 30 minutes each way, every day to the kindergarten.

Our boys have thrived there and love going to kindergarten.

As a mother, I feel grateful and privileged to have such kind, fun and experienced teachers help my kids develop and grow. And the other children and parents have very much become an extended family for us.

Deborah & Erik from USA and Norway

The Children´s House is a wonderful kindergarten, with a superb location and gorgeous facilities, complete with a garden and animals tended to by the children.

We are forever grateful for the three years our daughter attended.

The summer play, lantern festival, winter concert, and ski trip were annual highlights for our whole family. The dedication and enthusiasm of the staff and teachers is evident and reflects in the children.

It´s clear that the staff´s commitment to helping the children develop –both socially, emotionally, and intellectually — is a lifelong passion, not simply a job. We couldn´t imagine a better kindergarten experience for our daughter anywhere in the world.

Emma & Geoff from the UK

Our son joined CH when he was 13 months old. At first, I thought he was too young but to see the teachers care for every child depending on their individual needs put our minds at rest. It was a gentle and caring introduction to a Montessori kindergarten life. Our son is now 2½ years old and is focused, independent, has self-help skills (dressing, eating), fine motor skills, he is creative, plays with other children nicely, shows pride in his creations and had good self esteem. We love CH and enrolled our second son to attend before he was even born.

Vanessa & Roman from New Zealand and Switzerland

The Children’s House International Montessori Kindergarten places the child at the centre to an impressive degree. We appreciate the dedication of the teachers to the careful implementation of the Montessori pedagogical approach and the beautiful spaces, including a generous garden for daily outdoor time. From a young age, our two children have friends from around the globe and participate in diverse celebrations and rituals; they learn to be open-minded, socially confident, and accustomed to diversity. Together, these complementary aspects of The Children’s House foster our children’s freedom, creativity, and individuality and support their development into kind, intelligent, resilient, and self-sufficient human beings.

Ursula & Ivo from Mexico and Austria

We moved to Vienna during the global 2020 pandemic, as our child was beginning kindergarten. The displacement the move brought was more than fully compensated by the sense of family and community we found at The Children’s House.

We are deeply thankful to the owners and teachers who care deeply for all children and demonstrate a personal dedication to guiding young minds at this critical moment of discovery and learning. The connection to cultural traditions, nature, and kindness are values we hold dear and we found them all in plentiful ways at The Children’s House.

We could not have wished for a better start to a life of learning for our child.

Tatiana & Nima from Greece and Iran

Lovely teachers and staff that truly work with the children to help them become independent and compassionate. Beautiful atmosphere and facilities.

Our daughter loves it there.

Irena & Salam from Austria, Poland and Egypt

There are not enough words to describe how thankful I am that our daughter has received the chance to spend these so important years of kindergarten at The Children’s House. It is honestly the best kindergarden ever.

Starting from the teachers, who work with the kids with so much dedication and empathy, to the premises, which are just amazing (garden, working garden, lots of space inside) to the activities offered in addition to the already great daily routine (outings, over-night farm trip for the red group kids, winter concert for the parents, skiing weekend with the parents, just to name a few), we love it – and our daughter does too. So much, that she often complains why she is ‘already’ being picked up. The Montessori material provided in the kindergarten is chosen with lots of thought and care. In my opinion, the kids not only learn a lot but also really enjoy it. Most importantly, the kids learn to be independent and stand up for what they want (and don’t want). Another highlight for me are the many festivities the kindergarden celebrates, from X-Mas to Diwali, El Eid, Hannukkah, Thanksgiving, Dias de los Muertos, etc. With her 5 years, our daughter knows more countries of the world and cultural aspects of these different countries than many grown-ups will ever know.

The Childrens’s House has laid the ground stones for our daughter’s development to becoming an independent, self-confident, worldly woman, and I will be forever grateful for that.

Valeria & Alexander from Belarus and Austria

The Children’s House is a dream of a kindergarten. Children are surrounded by care and love in a very warm and family atmosphere. The methodology of teaching and working with children helps them to grow up becoming independent, confident & happy children. In addition they really learn English from early on at a native level.

We are very happy that both of our children had the opportunity to grow in The Children‘s House.

The experience and knowledge that they receive here cannot be compared with any other kindergarten.

Pumza & Sonwabo from South Africa

We heard about the school through colleagues at work and other South Africans who had children at the school. They were raving about the school.

All teachers know all the kids and greet them by name at the gate, love the huge garden children get to explore, birthday celebrations are a huge deal for each child. Definitely love the concerts and festivals that educate children and parents about the different cultures in the kindergarten/ world.

Stephanie & Nikita from Taiwan and Russia

There are a lot of kindergartens that claim to be Montessori-inspired but only at the Children’s House Montessori principles are fully implemented.

The children who were lucky to spend time in this creative and nurturing environment makes me feel hopeful for the future. Our girls feel safe and empowered to try new things and develop their skills. Most importantly, they are given opportunities to appreciate the diverse cultures surrounding them.

Children’s House is definitely the best kindergarten in Vienna and one of the best in the world.

Martina & Trent from Austria and Australia

The Children‘s House has not only exceeded our expectations about how a Kindergarten environment should present, it has inspired us to be better parents for our ‚little’ loved ones. A huge, heartfelt thank-you to all involved for making this unique, growing experience, a truly wonderful one!