Activities & Camps

Activities & Camps

Garden – play and working

We go outside every day, no matter the weather. Our working garden teacher is outside from 8-11am every single day and the children of the kindergarten groups can join her to work in the garden at any time during this period – they help feed and care for our animals, they look after all the plants, they sow seeds, harvest fruit and vegetables, clean up materials and general working garden space as well as many other activities. In addition, we offer garden art activities outside during this time.
During play-time, the children use the front garden where they can play creatively with the materials provided.
As we go outside every single day, the children need to have appropriate outside wear at kindergarten at all times.


The children help take care of all the animals at our kindergarten – these include rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, tortoises and fish.

Farm Trip

Once a year (usually in June) we take the oldest children (who will be starting school in September) to a family-run farm for 4 days. There they have time to explore nature in a relaxed manner, they go on hikes and play many different games together with the teachers.

Winter Concert

Once a year each kindergarten group (Cherry and Lemon Tree) performs a winter concert for parents, in which the children sing songs from the countries represented at The Children’s House (usually around 35-45 different songs).

Summer Play

Once a year – in June – each kindergarten group (Cherry and Lemon Tree) performs a summer play for parents on a relevant topic.


Twice a year the parents of our Nut Tree Seedlings children are invited to a sing-along where we sing the children’s favourite songs together in a relaxed manner.

Other activities

Vary each school year, some recent classes include: dance, engineering, German, music, piano, carpentery.
In summer, this usually takes place outdoors in the park.