Montessori crèche

Nut Tree Seedlings:

The Children’s House International Montessori Kindergarten works on the basis of the Montessori method. All the materials are based on the ideas of Dr. Maria Montessori and are aimed towards each child following his/her natural course of learning. We believe this pedagogy to be the ideal way to introduce the child to the world and all its wonders.

One of the key elements in our Nut Tree Seedlings group (1-2.5 year olds) is to support the children on their road to independence. We provide the time and environment for them to try things for themselves and to simply learn by doing. Specifically this means, for example, giving them ample time and opportunity as well as appropriate support to care for themselves (e.g. to undress and dress themselves in the cloakroom and when changing into the uniform, eating on their own with a spoon/fork etc.), letting them choose materials freely from the shelves that have been chosen carefully by the teachers in advance, getting them to help with preparing snack (peeling and cutting fruit and vegetables with real peelers and knives), caring for the environment (watering plants, scrubbing tables, washing cloths etc.) and many other such activities.